How can wehelp you accelerate? 


We facilitate the deployment of the Lean Management process and help you implement the best practices to digitize your processes.


We provide strategic recommendations and lead your teams to ensure a sustainable performance of your project and a high return on investment.


We scout the technologies and companies that would fit your needs or we create and run your internal startups and new business lines to take on your key challenges.


Your personal service to answer any questions on Digital

Send us your questions and receive a summary sheet that is tailor-made for your industry, your context, your challenges and your needs. We usually answer within 24h but it can be up to 4 business days if you ask for a deep level analysis that requires us to know more about you.

Anything and everything on Digital. We can provide with a benchmark, some feedback on the tenders you received, or on the best practices for a selected topic. We can also send you a cheat sheet or a digest before your next appointment. Or run a background check about a startup you like.

ANDI provides you with specific information depending on your context, constraints, current capabilities and challenges. It is all about helping you solve your very own problems with tools and processes that make a difference for you!

Focus on your work and call us when you are stuck or need additional workforce to deal with a specific task. We charge by the question. We can also provide with a monthly subscription for you to ask an unlimited amount of questions.

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